Blaming ISI for Church Bombings

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PRESS STATEMENT, Aug. 28, 2000



As the arrests of the Deendar Anjuman (DA) sect members responsible for the bombing of churches continue, the government and the sangh parivar have repeatedly been blaming the ISI for masterminding the bombings, citing muslim names and Pakistani addresses, firearms, explosives and 'confessions' obtained by the police from them as evidence of the ISI hand. Even if the ISI is involved, though, there is very little we can do about it because it is beyond our control. However, the bombings are also the result of exploitation of internal anomalies --- anomalies that we can rectify, and it is these that have to be first corrected if the targetting of Christians has to be prevented. During the last two and a half years, there have been over 300 cases of atrocities against Christians, including burning of churches, murder of clergy and lay workers, rape of nuns and assault and, despite the blame for the larger violence against Christians being shifted by the parivar to the DA after a chance explosion in Bangalore exposed the sect's role in the bombings, the fact remains that the larger violence has been perpetrated by the parivar. The Wadhwa commission report, for example, may have failed to implicate the Bajrang Dal for unknown reasons, but it does contain many affidavits pointing that Dara Singh, the prime accused in the killing of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons in Orissa, is a Bajrang Dal activist, while the FIR filed in the near fatal attack on catholic clergy in Saundatti, Karnataka, in June cites 8 RSS and Bajrang Dal activists as the culprits responsbile for it. Likewise, just as the investigation ordered by the Maharashtra government into the attack on a girls hostel in Nagpur a few months ago has concluded it was a case of communal violence precipitated by hate literature the parivar is circulating in the area, the inquiry conducted into the murder of Bro George in Mathura too has affirmed that it was communally motivated. What's more is, it is not just the militant wings of the parivar that are active against Christians as parivar men in the government have also been manipulating government machinery to victimise Christians. This, for instance, is demonstrated by the denial by law and order enforcing agencies in various states that atrocities against Christians are taking place, while various parivar state governments have either passed or are making efforts to pass anti-conversion laws which, taking into account the bogie of conversion being perpetrated by the parivar, are specifically directed against Christians. In a similar vein, subversive amendments have been made to the Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) which, unlike earlier, now requires Christian organisations receiving foreign funds to divulge the 'religion' of the contributors, and to seek permission every time funds enter the country, just as, following questions raised by sangh parivar MPs in parliament (question no 4367 of 1/8/2000), government's in states such as Gujarat and Goa have been forced to send inherrently harassive circulars to Christian institutions asking them to divulge the source of their fundings and the 'country' to which the institutions belong. Even Prime Minister Vajpayee, although it is his duty to protect the fundamental rights of citizens, himself side-tracked the issue of torching of churches in Gujarat by calling for a national debate on conversions even though article 25 of the constituion is very clear about the matter, while Union Home minister Advani gave the parivar a clean chit for the Gujarat violence. Such unbridled violence, poor redressal of the atrocities against Christians, manipulation of government machinery, hijacking of parliamentary preveleges and outright collusion by parivar men within and without the government who are pursuing their well known agenda of turning democratic and pluralistic India into a theocratic and a one nation, one people, one culture state, has created a climate in the country in which, every one ranging from a corrupt government official wanting to make a fast buck to every fringe group and lunatic, is presented with the opportunity to target Christians with impunity. One of the questions repeatedly being asked is, in case the ISI is not involved, and since the DA has no anti-Christian agenda, is there a parivar hand in the bombings? One may not be able to answer this question conclusively, but the fact remains that, through their association with parivar or parivar connected outfits, DA and other semi-Hindu groups like it are pre-disposed to target the Christian community. Take the DA itself as an example. As such, the sect's complete name is 'Deendar Siddiqui Channbasaveshwara Anjuman.' The 'Chennabasaveshwara' here is a Hindu diety worshipped by the lingayats of Karnataka and the founder of the sect, Hussein Siddiqui, claiming he was the reincarnation of Chennabasaweshwara, attempted to forge Hindu-Muslim harmony by equating 'Allah' with 'Brahma.' Such equating of 'Allah' and 'Brahma' may have got the sect expelled and ostracized in 1927 by the Muslim Council of India, (and also banned by 52 Islamic who labelled it as a sect of 'kafirs,)' but others have had no reservations about the sect's theology and its members get invited to religious occassions and meets including, among other major and minor ones, the Kumbh Mela, the inter-faith meeting held in Delhi last September and the Andhra Sant Samagam held in Hyderabad on Feb, 20, this year. More importantly, such mingling by the DA also includes exposure to anti-Christian VHP men who invariably figure in religious occassions and meets and, hence, its DA members are bound to have imbibed a measure of hostility against Christians from these men, with the end result being that, when they are approached by someone like the ISI (if they really did) to bomb churches, they are found willing. If this is not the case, considering that the mission of the DA is to promote communal harmony, and that it has no ideological bone of contention with Christians, how does one account for the willingness of DA members to committ outrageous and sacrelegious acts of bombing places of worship? Of course, one may contend with this proposition, citing that DA members have also bombed mosques in AP, but the fact remains that vindicitive sect members ( the kind of which you always find in every religion and sect) will have no love lost for muslims because of the religious ostracism the sect faces from them.

Consequently, immaterial of whether there is an ISI hand in the church bombings or not, in the first place, the anti-Christian climate created in the country by the sangh parivar as well as its influence on other semi-Hindu groups are the larger anomalies that have set the stage for directing violence against the Christian community and there is no point in carrying on a prolonged crucifixion of the DA members and in harping about the ISI hand as anyone can exploit the situtation with Christians in the country. Fortunately, unlike the inability to do anything about external agencies that may have exploited these anomalies, something certainly can be done to expunge such anomalies so that the Christian community is protected from being targeted for violence. Few years ago, the ban on the sangh parivar was lifted despite its demonstrated religious extremism and violent ways and the parivar now invariably figures in the propaganda, hate campaign and violence against the Christian community. In addition, beside shedding innocent minority blood to actualise its fundamentalist agenda, the parivar has now assumed the role of an extra-constituional authority and is now attempting to, if not already dictating economic and social policies on theocratic lines, making re-imposition of a ban on it is a must not only for protecting the interests of Christians, but also for preserving the democratic, secular and pluralistic character of the nation. At the same time, the activities of semi-Hindu groups associated with the parivar will also have to be watched closely as the investigating agencies' lack of prior knowledge about the activities and involvement of the DA indicates that such groups are not being taken seriously as sources of violence. The sooner this is done, the better. Or else, it could very well be a matter of time before the country goes entirely fascist.(end)

Full text of 'Andhra Samagam' and 'Interfaith Meeting' as downloaded :


Annual Sant Samajam of Andhra State was held at Hyderabad on February 20, 2000 with great zeal and fervor. The devotees from far and near participated in a large number. In the morning, Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj and Rev. Mata Swinder Ji were taken out in a colourful procession, projecting Andhra folk culture. The procession was interspersed with singing and dancing parties in their regional attires.

In his concluding discourse, Baba Ji made the following points:

* For keeping the humanity alive, man has to behave as a human. The need of the hour is to change man's beastly disposition into a human one. This will make the world blissful.

* God is Truth. He is eternal, while the whole of creation changes. Unlike a stream which has banks, God being infinite, has no bounds.

* Those, who follow the teachings of saints, are a boon for the earth. Saints not only pray but also work for human welfare.

* Now-a-days efforts are being made to incite man to fight man, in the name of religion. This is a devilish trend. Those, who indulge in such hateful acts, cannot be regarded as religious.

* Man in his ignorance is a slave of greed, which in turn turns him a devil. This way he brings discredit to the humanity. It is high time for man to prove his superiority by making use of God-gifted intellect for constructive purposes. Only when he imbibes positive traits, can this earth be transformed into a heaven.

Earlier, the speaker, singer and poet devotees expressed their noble thoughts, mostly in their regional languages. Speaking on the occasion, Maulana Usman Ali of Deendar Anjuman lauded the Nirankari Mission's contribution to human unity and Prof. Saleh Mohammad was all praise for the Mission's ideals. Sisters of Brahmakumari Ishwarya Vishwa Vidyalaya also attended the congregation.

12th September 1999

Global Conference on Mysticism inaugurated

9th Global Conference on Mysticism was inaugurated by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, Head of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission today, 12th September 1999 at Kirpal Bagh, Sant Kirpal Singh Marg, Delhi 110009. The conference is organised by World Council of Religions and is co-sponsored by many other national & international organisations. In his inaugural address Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj said that spiritual path is the true path which takes us towards the God. Paying rich tributes to Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj, he said that he had come to unite our soul with almighty and was instrumental in changing our lives.Today our attention is toward reality. Mysticism is true reality. It is the process of merging oneself with the overself or God. Each one of us can see God and this is not limited to saints only.

Speaking on the occasion Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji of Namdhari Mission congratulated Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for holding such congregations for the benefit of entire mankind. By attending such conferences our weaknesses get removed and we become mentally strong to face the challenges of life. Luda Arbuzova from Russia in her address paying rich tributes to Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj said that he taught us the path of positive mysticism which is a dynamic philosophy that invites us to lead a more purposeful and universal life accepting our family obligations as well. Patricia Moon from USA, said that real peace comes about not through the absence of strife, but because of a deeply rooted sense of trust, in the manner and direction our lives must take.

Mr. Ron Pulliam from USA, Swami Shanta Nand Ji of Sar Shabdanand Mission, Swami Gopalacharya Ji from Haridwar, Sawmi Deshikatma Nand Ji from Ramakrishna Mission and Dr Chander Shekhar also addressed the conference.

Over 30,000 people attended the conference from all over India including 300 delegates from abroad. The International conference will continue with a Kavi Sammelan and will be followed by a Mushiara on 13th September at 8.00 PM in which noted urdu poets from all over India will participate.

14th September 1999

Darshan Mystic-Poet Saint of the Century

9th Global Conference on Mysticism continued today, 14th September 1999 at Kirpal Bagh, Sant Kirpal Singh Marg, Delhi 110009 with a seminar on Darshan Mystic-Poet Saint of the Century. The conference is organised by World Council of Religions, Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission and is co-sponsored by many other national & international organisations. Inaugurating the seminar Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, President of the World Council of Religions and Head of Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission brought the glowing qualities of mystic Poet Saint Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj to the attention of over 80,000 strong audience including 300 delegates who have come from over 30 countries to attend the conference. He said that Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj through his poetry had explained the true meaning of love to us. According to him true love is only, which has a beginning but no end. He spent his entire life in spreading the teachings of the great saints and is remembered world over today for the noble values he preached. Addressing the conference Chief Guests Dr Narender Nath, Minister of Power, Delhi Government thanked Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for inviting him to such an august gathering. He said that if we are able to follow the path shown by Great Saint Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj that will be a befitting tribute to him. Bishop Karam Masih of Church of North India, said that we have not seen God, but it is said that if you have helped somebody in His name you have helped Him. Lt.Gen. A.M. Sethna (retd.) Chairman, Delhi Parsi Anjuman said that Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj has in his poetry talked about the 'Noor' the light which is the very essence of lighting up of our soul. Other speakers who addressed the gathering included M.M. Swami Prakashanand Ji from Haridwar, Qari Syed Siddiq Husai from, Hyderabad, Ms. Georgine Mitchel from USA, Rabi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar, Father Bento Rodrigues, Jnb.M.Y.K. Afrid from, Hyderabad Ms Ingrid Michael from Germany, Ms Evy Caradja from Greece, Swami Shudarma Nand from Rishikesh, Mr.Prem Chand Gupta,, Sardar Jaswant Singh Chabbra and Prof. G.S. Randhir.

20th September 1999

The 9th Global Conference on Mysticism was concluded today on 20th September, 1999 at Kirpal Bagh, Sant Kirpal Singh Marg, Delhi 110009 with a Seminar on 'Role of Mysticism in Present Scenario'. The conference, which began on 12 September 1999, has aimed at spreading the concept of achieving unity through Meditation. It was organised by World Council of Religions, Sawan Kirpal Ruhani Mission and is co-sponsored by many other national & international organisations. Addressing the concluding session, Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj, President of the World Council of Religions in his presidential address said that when we invert within through meditation we reach to a stage of happiness and that happiness becomes a part of our life. He further added that such conferences provide an opportunity to get our attention focused towards God supreme residing deep within all of us and we are able to know the real purpose of life. We can enrich our soul through meditation for a permanent peace happiness, bliss and tranquility in our life Mr Yoganand Shastri, Minister of Food & Civil Supplies, Delhi Govt.felicitating Sant Rajinder Singh Ji on behalf of the millions of the people of Delhi , told the gathering that it is our great privilege to get the blessings of great saints like Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj who is extremely highly educated and gives a priceless teaching of the Sant Mat at an international level. On this auspicious occasion he also released German translation of the book 'Empowering Your Soul Through Meditation' authored by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj. Acharya Sadhva Sadhna, in her address said that meditation is the experience of the conciousness. In meditation we communicate with our inner silent life and obtain spiritual attainment through self-realisation. Maulana Syed Sallahuddin of Deendar Anjuman, Hyderabad said that meditation transports us into the world of love. Maulana Syed Basha Sahab who participated in the conference from Hyderabad, thanked Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj for spreading the message of love and unity in the entire world. The conference was also addressed by Swami Surya Prakash Ji, Haridwar, Lama Lobzang, Swami Pragyanand Ji Maharaj, Haridwar, Ms Jutta Starlinger, Austria, Sarmani Satyapragyaji, Anuvrat Mission Mr. Gerold Korner, Germany Sarmani Malipragyaji, Anuvrat Mission Ms Michayette Vil, Canada, Maulana Syed Sallahuddin, Maulana Syed Basha Sahib, Ms Beth Stimpson, USA and Maulana Pandit Fakir Mohd. Sahib, Earlier during the conference different programmes were organised which included a Mushiara, a Kavi Sammelan and a programme of qawallies. Thousands of people took part in daily meditation retreats which started early in the morning at 3.00 am. The conference was attended by over 100,000 people from all over India including 300 delegates from 35 countries.

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