Statement made by the All India Christian Council

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Statement made by the All India Christian Council

15 September 2000

Statement made by the All India Christian Council, Hyderabad dated September 13, 2000 in the wake of prime minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee's hobnobbing openly with sangh parivar organisations during his recent visit to the United States.

Christian Council asks Chief Minister Naidu and other NDA allies to take stock of the Sangh campaign in the US and the confession of the Prime Minister to an exclusive Sangh gathering that he would always be a RSS man.

Christian Council says that they are not surprised by the Prime Minister's admission but were concerned at the gullibility of the NDA allies to think that the Sangh Parivar had given up their agenda and dream of One Nation, One People and One faith and One Culture which would end up destroying secularism and democracy in the nation.

Council once again raises the demand for a white paper on all foreign funding and wants to know how much the VHP and the" friends of BJP" send into India from the U.S. for achieving the Sangh objective.

Statement released by Rev. Dr. G. Samuel, President, Andhra Pradesh Christian Council, Dr. Joseph D' Souza, President, All India Christian Council, Mr. David Simeon, President, Karnataka Federation of Christian Organisations and John Dayal , National Vice President, All India Catholic Union, New Delhi & Dr. A. Vijaya Kumar, President, CBCA

The Christian Community in India has followed with interest the VHP campaign in the so called "Christian"-( which they so much hate!)- US to achieve respectability and credibility first at the World Peace Summit and now through the meeting with the PM in US where he has admitted that he will always remain an RSS man. This only confirms his 1995 statement that the Sangh is his soul. The Prime Minister has now said this on foreign soil where he was as the head of the Indian government and not as a member of the RSS. The Prime Minister's statement that if he had the Parliamentary majority that he would implement the dream of the Sangh- of building the temple and fulfil the objectives of Hindutva - has indeed removed the mask The VHP leaders in America and the "Friends of BJP" who control much of the money that is being poured into the Sangh Parivar activity in India are very pleased with the Prime Minister's open confession.

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The people in India especially the minorities and the backward castes are deeply worried about this open admission of the goal of implementing the neo-Nazi ideology of the Sangh in a pluralistic, democratic and secular India. Further this statement comes at a time when Indian Christians have been terrorized in States like Gujarat, UP and as Indians are not free to confess they are Christians.

In a statement the Christian Council has asked the Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu who is one of the major partners of the NDA alliance if the RSS version of India is also the India of his dreams? The statement further said that 'the strategy of the Parivar is clear... use the NDA alliance to build the base for the majority it requires to finally fulfill it's agenda. The appointment of Bangaru Laxman as BJP President and his calling Muslims as "flesh of his flesh" is a move in the same direction. Neither the Sangh nor the PM have changed after achieving power at the Centre. The Christian community and the minorities which has been subjected to various acts of violence and hate campaign can expect little justice from a government whose leaders openly express their solidarity with the Sangh," the statement said.

Leaders of the Christian Council have maintained in the past that the Sangh Parivar is the recipient of huge amounts of "foreign money" to further their objective of "cultural nationalism" in India. By amending certain sections of the FCRA the present government has made it very easy for the Sangh to receive any amount of money through NRI sources which now do not come under the ambit of the FCRA. At the same time NGOs who want to serve the poor and backward castes are being squeezed out by the recent draconian amendments. "This government has one set of rules for one group of citizens and another for the rest including the minorities." The Council statement reminded the government that it had asked for a white paper on all the money coming into India from foreign sources including money for the Sangh Parivar's activities.


Dr. Joseph D' Souza
Mr. John Dayal

Issued by John Dayal for favour of publication.

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