About UCF

The United Christian Forum for Human Rights works towards ending the oppression of all Christians of South Asia irrespective of denomination.

Press Release

Statement made by the All India Christian Council
28th Aug. 2000

Blaming ISI for Church Bombings
28th Aug. 2000

Ominous qualitative escalation in anti-Christian violence
29th May, 2000

Machilipatnam bomb blast at Christian meeting was handiwork of fundamentalists
The involvement of the Sangh proven by fact-finding team

John Dayal Archive

India's Plural Culture, Secular Democracy -- Challenge and Opportunity
Persecution of Indian Christians

Badlands - Beware the Blood of the Innocent
The hatred of the Sangh

Goa Carnival
Exposing the politics behind the Goa carnival

Dialogue, What dialogue and with whom ?
An article on the conflict between Hindus and Christians

Christian Genocide in the Indian Union

Click here to for what will become the Largest Collection of Articles on Persecution of Christians in the Indian Union

Sangh Parivar wants Christians Out of India
13 June 2000

Karnataka Police rules out ISI role in Church Blasts
13 June 2000

Hindutva's War against Christianity

UCF Contact Address

United Christian Forum for Human Rights
CBCI Centre, Ashoka Place, New Delhi 110 001
President: Archbishop Alan de Lastic
National Coordinators: Archbishop Vincent Concessao, Bishop Karam
Masih, Dr Richard Howell
National Convenor: John Dayal

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