Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded


The Different Hindu Religions

Myth of One Hindu Race

Myth of One Hindu Nation

English Invention of Hinduism

No Consistent Theology

Absence of Scriptures

No Definition of Hinduism

Hindu Opposition to Hinduism


Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded

by Dr. Hadwa Dom

1. Introduction

2. The Different Hindu Religions

3. Myth of One Hindu Race Exploded

4. Myth of One Hindu Nation Exploded

5. English Invention of Hinduism

6. No Consistent Theology

7. Absence of Scriptures

8. No Definition of Hinduism

9. Hindu Opposition to Hinduism

10. References

`Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded' by Hadwa Dom was published by Sudrastan Books, Jabalpur, 1999 free from Copyright. It was thence reprinted in Dalitstan Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2 (Oct. 1999) and has been archived in the Ambedkar Library. It is available for free public distribution as per the Ambedkar Library Public Licence: `You may freely distribute this work, as long as you do not make money from it and clearly state the internet location of Ambedkar Library,, where you obtained it.'

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