html> `THE MENACE OF HINDU IMPERIALISM,' by Swami Dharma Anand Theertha


Swami Dharma Anand Theertha

" the early Aryan invaders of India, who won the undy1w veneration of the people as mighty seers and leaders of men, were only successful soldiers versed in the arts of chivalrous warfare and that they borrowed their finer culture from the Dravidians and other civilized races they conquered.

Theertha, citing Havell Chapter 1

"In fact, the Brahmans became a nation by themselves, interested in the religious and social domination and exploitation of the people of India. Their interest demanded, not the propagation of religion but the keeping of it as a secret a nd a monopoly."

-- Theertha Chapter 6

Table of Contents

Chapter I Introduction
Chapter II The Aryas, the Aborigines and the Indians
Chapter III Indo-Aryan Kingdoms
Chapter IV Rise of Brahmanism and the Castes
Chapter V Kshatriya-Brahman Struggle
Chapter VI Brahman Imperialism

MENACE OF HINDU IMPERIALISM was first published without Copyright in Madras in the 1950s. It has thence been archived in the Ambedkar Library. It is available for free public distribution as per the Ambedkar Library Public Licence: You may freely distribute this work, as long as you do not make money from it and clearly state the internet location of Ambedkar Library,

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