This chapter details the fierce persecution of women in Hinduism. Women are eaten alive by wild dogs, their ears and noses are amputated, some are chopped up whilst others are burnt alive. Nor are these due to any `corruption'; they are all sanctioned by the Vedas and have been practiced since the Aryans invaded India. This cruelly inhuman treatment of women shows that Hinduism is a truly animal religion.

Inhuman Persecution of Women in Brahmanism

Chapter 3
Genocide of Women in Hinduism
Sita Agarwal

The scriptures of the 6 orthodox (`astika') schools of Brahmanism, including the sects of Vasihnavism and Vedism, prescribe the cruellest punishments imaginable for women guilty of even minor offences. Mere disobedience to the husband is immediately punished by amputation and maiming, whilst severe betrayal leads to certain death. Women guilty of lesbianism have their fingers chopped off, whilst adulterous wives are eaten alive by dogs.


Aryan women were severely punished with amputation of ears and noses for even minor offences, often by their own husbands. The Brahmanic secular court and religious literature is full of such instances :

These passages from court literature prove that the barbaric Brahmanic Hindu laws of Manu and Kautilya were in full force in ancient India. Those who believe that the laws of Manu and Kautilya were not followed in practice are deluding themselves. The Brahmanic court literature clearly reveals the inhuman persecution meted out to women in the religion of Hinduism as well as the incredible suffering that Hindu women had to endure.


The death penalty was almost invariably prescribed for Aryan women guilty of infidelity. Aryan races all over the world practiced this; thus the Germanic warrior would instantly slay his wife and her lover. The barbaric Indo-Aryan males were no different. Later, when Brahmins attained absolute dominion over their Aryan and non-Aryan subjects, they invented ever harsher methods of destroying women. Hence, the cruelty involved in the manner with which Aryan women were butchered increased with a corresponding hardening of Brahmin power. The Manu Smrti, the most authoritative law-book of `astik' Hinduism (ie. Brahmanism), states that adulterous women are to be torn apart by dogs :
Manu Smrti.VIII.371 : " If a wife, proud of the greatness of her relatives or (her own) excellence, violates the duty which she owes to her lord, the king shall cause her to be devoured by dogs in a place frequented by many."
Manu Smrti.VIII.372 : " Let him cause the male offender to be burnt on a red-hot iron bed; they shall put logs under it, (until) the sinner is burned (to death) ."
Many savage peoples put the adulterous wife to death, but none did it by allowing wild dogs to devour the woman in public. Also, in none of these cultures did the bigoted law-makers go so far as the Brahmins, who defined adultery as to include mere touching, talking or meeting a man ! Even if a women had touched another man with her hand, she is to be devoured by savage dogs in public ! These laws are stated in the `humane' and `wonderful' religion of Hinduism :
Manu Smrti.VIII.356 : " He who addresses the wife of another man at a Tirtha, outside the village, in a forest, or at the confluence of rivers, suffer (the punishment for) adulterous acts (samgrahana). ."
Manu Smrti.VIII.357 : " Offering presents (to a woman), romping (with her), touching her ornaments and dress, sitting with her on a bed, all (these acts) are considered adulterous acts (samgrahana).."
Manu Smrti.VIII.358 : " If one touches a woman in a place (which ought) not (to be touched) or allows (oneself to be touched in such a spot), all (such acts done) with mutual consent are declared (to be) adulterous (samgrahana).."
Thus, Hinduism prescribes that the wife who touches, meets, or even talks to a man who is not her husband is to be fed to animals ! No other nation, even in its darkest period, prescribed such savage punishments for women. In this respect the Brahmanic Dark Ages (1500 BC - 1000 AD) were the darkest in the entire history of mankind. Hinduism remains unsurpassed in its severe persecution of women.

By comparison, Islam, which has been targetted by bigoted Brahmins who daily spew venom upon this civilization, is much more lenient than savage Hinduism. Thus, death is not prescribed even for erring Muslim wives:

" The adulterer and adulteress shall each be given a hundred lashes."
-- [ Quran, Sura Light:2 ] [ Dawood, p.209 ]
Compare this to the immediate killing of women in Hinduism for even talking to men who are not their husbands. It is these same Brahmin mass murderers who are criticising Islam !


In other instances, wives were simply cut to pieces. The Brahmin Kautilya has the dubious distinction of being the originator of totalitarianism as depicted in his `Arthasastra'. He was also guilty of inventing newer methods of persecuting and torturing women. Thus, in the Kautilyan period " if a woman was found guilty of a carnal crime her generative organs were cut off and she was ultimately sentenced to death " [ Artha.IV.13 cited in Jain p.164 ]. This `carnal crime' of Kautiyla was sufficiently vaguely worded so that pre-marital intercourse, extra-marital intercourse, and even post-marital intercourse were all punished by amputation of the woman's genitals. Even widows were killed if they engaged in `immoral' activies, and so many widows were killed that their slaughter became institutionalised in the custom of sati.

That these Draconian laws of the Brahmin Kautilya were not confined to dusty law-books but were severely enforced on women is evident from the abundance of references in Brahmanic court literature describing actual cases of severe mutilation of women -

We see these horrible Vedic punishments being inflicted upon helpless women all across modern South Asia. Women who have just looked at men who are not their husbands are sawed in pieces, others are boiled alive in `kitchen fires' and others are chopped to pieces. Brutal torture often preceeds these acts. Often, the Hindus then eat the pieces of the dead wife according to the beastly ritual of Vedic cannibalism, an act fully justified in the Vedas as `purushamedha' and `naramedha'.


Further confirmation of the harsh suppression of women in Brahmanism is evinced by the testimonies of several travellers who visited India and were eye-witness to the highly debilitating impact of Vedic and Vaishnava doctrines on Indian women.

Merchant Sulaiman, an Arab traveller of the 9th century states that

"If any man in the indies runs away with a wife and abuses her body they kill both him and the woman , unless it be proved that she was forced, then the man only is punished with death; but if the woman consented to the evil deed, they are punished with death, both one and the other."'
-- [ Arab p.56 ] [ 1200, p.68 ] [ E.Renaudot, `Ancient Accounts of India and China by Mohammedan Travellers', p.34 ]
This testimony clearly shows that adulteresses were killed. According to Alberuni, `An adulteress is driven out of the house and banished' [ 1200, p.68 ] [ al-B. II.162 ]. The reason why al-Beruni does not explicitly mention the savage persecution of women in Hinduism is because of the pro-Hindu bias he was famous for.

Infidelity to husband was considered a grave sin and it was believed that "such women went to Aksaya hell" [ Br.P. 87.61 cited in Sheth, p.98 ]. The husband had the power to curse the wife who was disloyal to him. Thus the sage Gautama cursed his wife Ahalya for sleeping with Indra though through no fault of her own. [ Sheth, p.99 ] This shows that Hindu women were brainwashed into abject mind-slavery to Hindu, and especially Brahmin, men.


It may be supposed that Hindu women could escape these ghastly punishments by avoiding men and seeking solace in Sapphic relationships. Alas ! The bigoted Brahmins had foreseen this possibility and severely persecuted these women also. Thus, Lesbians are cruelly punished by the Brahminist Vaishnavas by having their fingers chopped off. -
Manu Smrti.VIII.369-370 : " A damsel who pollutes (another) damsel must be fined two hundred (panas), pay the double of her (nuptial) fee, and receive ten (lashes with a) rod. But a woman who pollutes a damsel shall instantly have (her head) shaved or two fingers cut off , and be made to ride (through the town) on a donkey."

Certain Brahmin scholars have used verses from the Kamasutra to try to prove that sapphic relationships were tolerated in India. Citing from the Kamasutra for ancient India is like citing from `My Secret Life' for Victorian England. They are both merely erotic texts that do not display what life was like for the majority of the population. The Hindu law-book of Manu carries much more weight than the Kamasutra.


No other civilization degrades women to the extent that the truly animal Hinduism does. Hinduism is indeed, merely a system of genocide and mass extermination of women. The most revolting aspect of the oppression of women in Hinduism is that, after they are killed in the most gruesome manners as per Vedic laws, these women are then eaten as delicacies ! The body of the woman is often consumed raw, othertimes it is cooked after the woman has been boiled alive. Sometimes, when the women have been sawed into many pieces, the different chops are then cooked as separate pieces and served to friends and guests. This serves to dispose of the body, thereby avoiding modern British-originated laws forbidding such practices.

This barbaric act, which is fully sanctioned by the Vedas, is referred to as `purushamedha' or `naramedha', the Vedic term for Hindu human sacrifice. Even Hindutva historians now admit that Hinduism sanctions the consumption of female flesh. Thus the fanatic Brahminist Sudheer Birodkar writes,

" Although tribal warfare [ during the Vedic Age ] did take place continuously, the reasons were either to capture women or to capture men who would be eaten . The fact that cannibalistic practices did exist among Aryan tribes is proved by the ritual of the Purusha-Medha Yagna, in which such captured members of other tribes were originally butchered and eaten. The idea of cannibalism in society would appear gruesome and unbelievable, but we have an anecdote which clearly indicates to the fact that cannibalism should have existed among Aryans at some stage."
-- [ Xat ]
This cannibalist consumption of the flesh of murdered women is fully sanctioned by the Vedas. The following verse from the Vedas [ Yajur Veda XXX ] is often cited by the Brahmins in defence of this lowly custom :
Yajur Veda XXX : " 4. We call upon the Lord, distributor of wonderful bounty, the One who looks upon men. [ I bind to the stake in form of a token: ] [The Establishment] ...

20. for Pastime a prostitute for Lust a woman with a spotty skin for Pleasure a musician

22. Now he binds to the stake the following eight types of men: one too tall one too short one too stout one too thin one too pale one too dark one too bald one too hairy -- all to be offered to Prajapati.

-- [ Yaj.Ved.XXX ][ Yajur Veda cited in Man ]

Hence, the revolting custom of consuming the flesh of the slain women, is clearly the result of Vedic `philosophy'. We see this custom in full action today in modern South Asia. Women who have been killed for merely talking to men who are not their husbands are tortured, maimed and then butchered. Others are burnt alive in `kitchen fires'. The flesh is then steam-cooked and eaten by the family members in order to dispose of the body. This female purushamedha exposes the truly animal nature of Hinduism. Besides human flesh, Hindus also eat all kinds of nice food; the Musahar caste in Bihar consumes raw rat flesh. Ayurvedic medicine contains animal and human excreta as ingredients. Female flesh is hence a delightful delicacy for the brute Hindu !

Anybody reading this booklet should have long realised that the Hindus are the lowest of the lowly male chauvinist pigs. They know nothing better than killing, humiliating and torturing women and eating their flesh. Hindu husbands who eat the flesh of their own wives may be pious followers of the Vedas, but they are, in any civilized society, brute beasts. They do this because they have been degraded by the Brahmin tyrants to the status of sub-humans. It is because of Brahmin oppression that the poor Hindus are forced to eat the flesh of rats, pigs and even their own women.

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