The Hidden Hand of Brahmanism through the Ages

Santosh Tudu

Dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi,
the Jain Gujarati saint cowardly slaughtered by the Brahmins.


This work is an abbreviated listing of the author's original `Brahmin Conspiracies through the Ages'. All references and citations corroborating the facts listed below can be found in this original book.

As per the government of India's representation at the Anto-Racism Conference at Durban, late 2001, the various castes of South Asia are merely "professional distinctions", with the Brahmins being the "hereditary priesthood". This work, which contains polemics against Brahmins, hence contains polemics against a profession and not a particular race. It thence follows that this work cannot be deemed racist in any manner. The author opposes all forms of racism and race hatred; when referring to Brahmins he is referring to the Indian Government's definition of Brahmins, namely members of the priestly profession. The author's opposition is thus against Brahminism, an ideology of hatred and divisiveness, instead of the Brahmin race.


For thousands of years, teaching of history in South Asia has been in the hands of the Brahmins. That cunning group has twisted, distorted and falsified history, thereby erasing all traces of the heinous crimes they have committed against the non-Brahmin populations. As a result, few persons are aware of the incredible crimes perpetrated by the Brahmins over the centuries. This work seeks to illuminate the non-Brahmins about the terrible crimes committed against them and their ancestors by the Brahmins, the most heinous of which was no doubt the annihilation of Buddhism in the land of its birth.

This being the first edition of this work, I shall add the sources and references at some later time. At the moment, may this short work serve as a brief illumination to my fellow non-Brahmins.

ca. 1500 BC - 500 BC

Vedic Dark Ages

  • The barbaric Aryans invade India in ca. 1500 BC, destroying the glorious Sudroid (Kolaro-Dravidian) Indus Valley civilization and exterminating the indigenous Negroid-Australoid peoples in one of the worst ethnic cleansing operations in human history. The leaders of these savage Aryans and the masterminds of this terrible holocaust are the Brahmins. The Brahmins are the directors of the Vedic Holocaust, commanding the Aryans to massacre the Sudroids and exhorting them to annihilate all traces of the `Dasyu' civilization they encountered. The first Brahmin conspiracy on record had claimed its victims. This was the first great purushamedha, or Brahmin human sacrifice.
  • After this event, the Brahmins spread the horrific customs of purushamedha and ashwamedha - horse sacrifice - in order to consolidate their vicious grip on society. A section of the Dravidians who fled the Aryan onslaught adopted these savage customs, continuing them for centuries until discovered by British anthropologists. For one thousand years all of South Asia was plunged into a dark age.
  • One group of the triumphant Brahmin leaders settled along the devastated Sarasvati River in what is now East Punjab, and another settled in the modern Kannuaj region. From this time dates the first sub-division of the Brahmin people into so-called Saraswat Brahmins and Kanyakubja Brahmins. As more and more Brahmins settle and devastate the country, the Sarasvati River region becomes a desert.
  • The Thar desert, which was extremely fertile prior to the barbaric Aryan invasion, becomes the huge desert it is today as marauding Aryans, goaded on by their fanatic Brahmin priests, lay waste the entire region, destroying all life forms in it.
  • The annihilation of Sudroids in the Northern Indus-Ganges valley necessitated the creation of a new slave class; thus the Brahmins degrade the status of the Aryan Vaishyas to that of Sudras. By the Upanishadic Age, the Aryan Vaishyas are repeatedly ranked as being nearly equal to the Negroid Sudras in the Brahmanic scriptures. Brahmins slowly squeeze out all other Aryans from the knowledge industry, and soon have a monopoly of literacy. By the end of the Vedic age, literacy - previously an Aryan privelege - has become a Brahmin monopoly.

ca. 500 BC - 200 BC

Buddhist Golden Age

  • As a result of the terrible soul-destroying tyranny imposed by the Brahmins over the non-Brahmin peoples, a series of anti-Brahmin movements arise both among the Aryan and non-Aryan populations. These include Buddhism, Jainism, Carvakism, Atheism and Materialism. Shaivism - the Negroid Dravidian religion - and Shaktism - the Mon-Khmer religion of Bengal - experienced spectacular revivals as the oppressed non-Brahmins rise up against the Brahmanic tyranny.
  • The horrific varieties of Brahmin ritual murder - Vedic purushamedha, aswhamedha and naramedha - which claimed lakhs of human and animal lives are also among the causes leading to the rise of anti-Brahminism. Buddhism came to be the most spectacularly successful of these.
  • With the destruction of Brahmin tyranny, civilization slowly returned to the devastated and depopulated South Asia. Buddhism spread amongst the Aryan Kshatriyas and Aryan Vaishyas, with even a substantial number of Sudroids adopting the faith. Urbanisation proceeded apace, and Prakrits developed. A Golden Age of civilization was ushered in, with peace and prosperity reigning as evidenced from the numerous archeological remains of the Maurya empire.
  • Science reaches unprecedented heights as mathematics, physics and biology develop, free from Brahmin shackles.

ca. 200 BC - 100 BC

Late Buddhist Golden Age

  • Realising that they could not defeat Buddhism from the outside, the Brahmins resort to destroying it from within.
  • The Brahmins slowly infiltrate Buddhism, with the aim of undermining it from within. Brahmin `converts' to Buddhism start to attack each other, thereby splitting Buddhism into several warring factions. Foremost of these Brahmin conspirators is Nagarjuna, who succeeded in sounding the death-knell of Buddhism by expending all his energy in vitriolic attacks against other Buddhist sects. Buddhism splits into innumerable perpetually warring sects; the confused population is left bewildered, and the world's greatest anti-Brahmin movement is soon destroyed from within.
  • After the rise of the fanatic Brahminic Guptas, all traces of Buddhism are destroyed in India.
  • Revival of Brahmanism leads to the decline of science.

323 BC - 100 BC

Greek Empires

  • The Greek invasion of Alexander is engineered by the Brahmins. Pandit Kautilya, author of the Arthashastra, financed and armed the invaders in order to overthrow the Sudroid Nandas.

320 BC - 140 BC

Magadhan Empire

  • Pandit Kautilya organises a massive famine, which destroys more than 90 % of the population.
  • Pusyamitra Sunga the Brahmin takes over as King, begins exterminating the Buddhists.
  • The Brahmins destroy the Magadhan Empire of the Mauryas due to their support for Buddhism.
  • The unity of Dravidians is destroyed by creating Malyalali, Telugu and Kannadiga by Sanskritising the language. In Kerala, Namboodiri Brahmins invent the Malayali language. Casteism was introduced in order to keep the Dravidians divided.

200 AD. -1000 AD.

Puranic or Brahmanic Dark Age

  • The Devadasi cult is started by Brahmins, using the enslaved low-caste Sudra women as prostitutes. These girls and women are raped by the beastly Brahmins, who satisfy their lecherous and perverse lusts in the temples. Brahmins grow still richer from the proceeds of this immoral trade. By contrast, Brahmin women are locked up at home, prevented from even seeing a low-caste man.
  • The Hijra cult is started, a horrible invention of the diseased Brahmin mind, to exterminate Sudra males. Located in South India, where the abundance of healthy Sudra black males was the raison-d'etre of the cult, it spreads northwards. Thousands of healthy Sudra male children are forcefully castrated in honour of a "god". The cult serves to emasculate Sudra manhood by depleting the number of Sudra males in order to compensate for the large number of abducted Sudra women who are forced into the cruel Devadasi system.
  • Brahmins screen all members of their caste for IQ and genetic defects. Those among the subjugated populations who display intellectual aptitude are absorbed into the Brahmin community, depleting the enslaved masses of their intellectual stock.
  • Brahmins with low IQ and other genetic defects are expelled into the general population, spreading their ghastly diseases.


The Mughal Caliphate

  • Kalapahar, a Brahmin covert to Islam in Orissa, launches `jihad' and destroys thousands of Kalinga-style temples. The Kalinga style is a mixture of Dravidian and Aryan temple styles, and his single-minded focus on the semi-Dravidian temples of Orissa instead of the Brahmanic temples of Kannauj can only be explained by a secret racial hatred.
  • A Muslim servant of a fanatic Brahmin founds the "Bahmani" dynasty. The very name "Bahmani" is a corruption of `Brahmin'. True to their name, the Mughal dynasties of the Deccan hire droves of Brahmins. A mingled Islamic-Brahmin tyranny is formed.
  • Guru nanak founds an anti-Brahmin Sufi sect, mixing doctrines of Islam with Buddhism and Shaivism. Another great anti-Brahmin religion joins the duo of Buddhism and Jainism to challenge the millenia of domination of the Brahmins.
  • Aurangzeb distrusted the Brahmins on account of Brahmin ritual murder - the heinous crime of Vedic purushamedha. They were also murdering thousands of innocent women.
  • A Brahminist, Ram Rao, murders the Sikh Guru in Aurangzeb's court. The Brahmins brainwash the country into believing that Auranzeb committed the act. Aurangzeb persecuted the Brahmins because of this.


The Maratha State

  • Brahmins refuse to crown Shivaji as they consider him of Vaishya caste.
  • After his successes against the Mughals, Brahmins join the Maratha bandwagon as administrators. They thus infiltrate the Maratha state, gradually enhancing their power. Ultimately, they take over the Maratha Empire as Peshwa rulers. The Maratha Empire becomes a Brahmin Empire.
  • The Brahmins divide Sivaji's empire into several different parts, taking over one of the fractions on their own.
  • A Brahmin astrologer convinces the Marathas not to attack the Afghans at the Third Battle of Panipat as `the stars are not favourable'. As a result, the Afghans defeat the Marathas.
  • Subsequently, the Brahmin Peshwas give away the entire state to their allies, the British after a secret agreement was reached in which the British promised master race status to the Brahmins.


Anglo-Brahmin Colonialism

  • The total number of Englishmen who setled in India at any one point of time never exceeded a few handfuls at best. To this day, the total number of Anglo-Indinas numbers hardly one hundred thousand, which is merely a drop in the ocean of India's 1 billion population. It is thus evident from this elementary consideration alone that the few fistfuls of English traders themselves could never have conquered, let alone administer, the giant subcontinent. This, coupled with the fact that the British Empire lasted for a full 21/2 centuries, proves that they enjoyed the support of a certain community. This community was none other than the Brahmin.
  • The righteous indignation of the Dravidians and Moplah Muslims of Malabar at the inhuman exploitation they face at the hands of their Namboodiri Brahmin land-owners leads to Moplah Rebellion. The uprising is ruthlessly crushed by the Anglo-Brahmin machine.
  • Brahmins from Jagannath temple give away Kohinoor to the British in exchange for transforming the British Empire into a Brahmin Empire. [ cf. hinduism forum ]


The Partition Holocaust

  • The Brahmins engineer Partition, and then blame it upon the Muslims. Recent history's first great Purushamedha - Vedic human sacrifice - had begun. Chosen as sacrificial victims were the Bengali and Punjabi youth. The unity of Mughal-Muslims - the real target of the money-masters - was lost.
  • Bengal suffered 1 million casualties, ten million refugees, and Punjab almost twice that number. The vast majority of the people killed during Partition were non-Brahminists - mainly Mughals, Sikh-Mughals, and Bengalis. Another great Purushamedha joined the history books.
  • The Brahminists murder the only non-Brahminist who threatened their power - Mahatma Gandhi. The Brahmin judges released Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar. Thus the main brains behind the plot were released for `lack of sufficient evidence'.

1947 - 1964

The Nehruvian Era

  • Pandit Nehru inaugurates the Neo-Brahminist state, being the first Brahmin Prime Minister of the Indian Republic.
  • A huge bureacracy, staffed mainly with Brahminists, was instated in order to crush the abrahmanas under the crushing weight of red-tapism and byzantine procedures. Corruption was unleashed, with the bureacracy becoming one of the main means of siphoning off the wealth of the coutnryside.
  • Brahmins kill Mahatma Gandhi to destroy the Bania lobby.
  • The Muslims were rightly incensed at having been stabbed in the back by the Brahminists. The rigteous indignation of the Mughal-Muslim people against the Brahmins eventually led to the formatin of Pakistan.
  • Nehru forms RAW, a secret organisation controlled by the Brahmins. Only Brahmins are permitted to enter it. It organises terrorist activities in Pakistan and in China, it aids the Tibetan and Sinking secessionist movements. As it grows into a Frankestein, Nehru instates RAW control over the Indian government. It is sued to assasinate non-Brahmin opponents of the regime. India becomes a state controlled through and through by RAW, a state within a state, more powerful than the government itself.
  • The Brahminists introduced the phony `Freedom of Religion', the real purpose of which was to allow Brahminism to do its evil work unhampered. Superstitious cults, Sai Baba asrams began to preach Brahmanic messianicism.
  • The legal system in the Constitution gave no easy way of removing Brahminist judges. This sealed the doom of the new republic right at its very beginning.
  • The Indian Constitution enshrined the Puranic practice of building up legal case law on fine distinctions and haior-splitting nuances. Under such a system, black can be made into white, and vice versa. It is a made-to-roder recipe for tyranny, elitist control and manipulation by unseen authority. Of course, this was the intention, from the very beginning. Under this pernicious system the Brahmins controlled India for thousands of years.
  • The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty was the main instrument of Brahmin imperialism.
  • Pandit Nehru, a well-known philanderer and homosexual, dies of syphilis.

India's Cults

  • Brahmanic cults continued to increase. Both ISKCON and Rajneesh were exported to the West, where their destructive activities received the support of the Zionists. Drugs and alcohol were pushed, and the Western family destroyed. `Freedom of Religion' protected their crimes.

Brahmin Banking

  • The Brahmins disallowed private banking in order to prevent the mercantile Gujaratis and Banias from taking over this vital sector and to accumulate Brahmin Gold. Thus were established under the guise of swadeshi the Brahmin control over the South Asian banking system. Once the money-changers had their fangs into the financial mainstream of India, India immediately became suching into wars with Pakistan and China.
  • At the same time, `Marxism' was installed in West Bengal, to destroy the greatest opponents of the Anglo-Brahmin colonial state. It was spectacularly successful. West Bengal has still not economically recovered from Marxism. And it is divided into two hostile camps.

Annihilation of Rajput Power

  • The aristocratic Rajputs were annihilated as they posed a possible threat to the Brahmins. Their lands were confiscated and their palaces turned into `hotels' and `state-owned property'. Brahmin bureacrats started to inhabit the palaces and hotels.


The Shastri Era

  • As Union Minister of railways and transport from 1952 on, he bureacratized the Indian railways, staffing them with fellow Brahmins. Control over the railways was important as using this the Brahmins controlled the transport of all essential commodities - from foodstuff to mineral ores.
  • A bigoted Brahmin Imperialist fanatically devoted to the cause of `Akhand Bharat' (a Sanskrit term denoting the Greater Brahminist Empire), he lauches war against Pakistan in 1965 with the aim of conquering that nation. To the Brahmins' surprise, the Pakistani resistance is strong, fighting the Indian Union army to a standstill. Pandit Shastri is militarily forced to call for cease-fire. Still, many intolerant Brahminists believe that the war should have continued. As a result, the Brahmin war-mongers poison him in Jan. 1966 for having stopped the Indo-Pak war in Tashkent.
  • It is believed by many that Nehru's daughter Indra conspired with the KGB to have Shastri killed in Tashkent (during the peace talks after 1963 war). He was poisoned with a heart-attack inducing drug. She thanked her Soviet supporters and conspirators by nationalizing all western firms (e.g. IBM, COKE, etc) and signing a friendship treaty as soon as she became PM. So, Pandoo loot, mayhem and monopolistic rule, installed by Nehru, continued till her son Rajiv was blown to pieces by the patriotic Tamils. Pandoo empire continued under the mass murderer Rao (brain behind the 1984 riots and Ayodhya Holocaust) and Vajyapee.

1966 - 1977

Early Indira Gandhi Era

First Term (Jan. 19 1966 - 1967)

  • Indira Nehru, the pure-blooded Brahmin daughter of Pandit Nehru, is chosen by him as successor.
  • She marries Feroze Gandhy, a Parsee Brahmin, the descendant of Zoroastrian priests. The marriage is celebrated as per Vedic ritual. A section of Brahmins do not accept the Brahminhood of Feroze. The family title is changed to Gandhi in order to dupe the abrahmana and obscure her Brahmin ancestry. Most non-Brahmins are fooled, and few realise that they are still under Brahmin rule.
  • At the time, Feroze's descent from the priestly Zoroastrian caste is kept secret - he is portrayed as a `Parsee', and Indira Gandhi hailed as a liberal. A few decades later, a Brahmin misinformation campaign claims that Feroze was a Muslim.
  • Dr. Homi J. Bhabha, a Parsi Brahmin, is installed as father of India's science program. Later on, he is anyway killed in a phony `plane accident' so that the Soviet design of the nuclear device to be tested at Pokharan is not revealed.
  • Punjab is split into Haryana and Punjab in order to confine the Sikhs to a smaller region.

Second Term (1967 - 1971)

  • Has Dr. Zakir Husain poisoned on May 3, 1969 merely because he is a Muslim and partly because he refused to nationalise the banks and enforce the Kautilyan `Emergency'.
  • Justice V R Krishna Iyer and Justice Jag Mohan Lal Sinha "were crucial to the imposition of the Emergency." Justice Sinha e is (Allahabad High Court) verdict on June 12, 1975, declared Indira Gandhi's election to the Lok Sabha as void. Justice Iyer, then a vacation judge in the Supreme Court, decided on Indira's appeal. On June 24, Justice Krishna Iyer gave a onditional stay allowing her to remain a member of Parliament, but disallowing her to take part in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha. Indira Gandhi acted fast, the Emergency was declared on June 26. [
  • V.V.Giri installed as puppet President. One month later, in July 19, 1969, nationalisation of 14 leading banks by Presidential Ordnance. The real purpose is to throw the mainly Bania-owned private companies into government hands, where Brahmin bureacrats subsequently take over the management of these companies.
  • A Brahmin, G.S.Pathak appointed Vice-President on Aug. 20, 1969 to consolidate the vicious grip over the nation.
  • Meanwhile, Supreme Court strikes down Indira's nationalisation of Bania and Gujarati Banks by declaring it illegal. On Feb. 14, 1970, Presidential Ordnance revalidates nationalisation.
  • On April 2, 1970 Meghalaya state carved out of Assam to counter Assamese demands for Independance and set up racial conflicts in the North-East. The righteous indignation of the Assamese at the annihilation of the culture by the elite Brahmins leads to the rise of the ULFA.
  • On April 2, 1970 Privy Purses and special priveleges of Indian rulers abolished in order to crush the Rajputs.
  • Brahmin-controlled Bollywood film industry grows enormously. Kayastha (and hence half-Brahmin) Amitabh Bacchan becomes, pushed by Indian Government propaganda, the greatest film hero of all time. The Hind-Sanskrit film industry continues its brainwashing of Indians into worshipping white-skinned Brahmins as gods and goddesses.

Third Term (Feb. 8, 1971 - 1975 )

  • General Insurance nationalised.
  • Dec.3, to Dec.17, 1971 Indo-Pak War.
  • After years of infiltration and sabotage, the Brahminsts finally succeeded in dividing Pakistan. Millions of refugees poured into Bengal, destabilising the region and punishing the Bengalis who had struggled so vigorously against Anglo-Brahmin Colonialism.
  • Jan. 20, 1972 Manipur, Methalaya nd Tripura states set up to set up future racial conflicts. On May 18, 1974 Pokharan I is tested with an imported Soviet design.
  • Indira Gandhi continued the clandestine development of nuclear armaments, finally testing a Soviet-designed bomb in 1974. Rajasthan is chosen as a testing ground to radioactively pollute the Rajputs and to send the appropriate signals to non-Brahmin Pakistan.
  • On April 19, 1975, Aryabhata launched from USSR phony claims of `netruality' and non-alignment continue in order to fool West. On June 25, 1975 Emergency declared.

June 25, 1975 - March 21, 1977

Kautilyan Emergency

  • On June 25, 1975 Emergency declared and stringent censorship enforced as per Kautilya's Arthashastra.
  • On Aug. 5, 1975 Parliament approves COFEPOSA (Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities Act).
  • On Jan. 9, 1976, President suspends 7 freedoms guranteed by the Constitituon. Act 19.
  • 24 Jan. 1976, Burmah Shell nationalised and renamed as Bharat Refineries. Brahman bureacrats put in charge of Bharat Refineries.
  • On Nov. 5, 1976, Lok Sabha votes to extend its own life by one year in a splendid display of democracy.

March 22, 1977 - July 15, 1979

Morarji Desai Era

  • On 22 March 1997, Morarji Desai, an Ankilvad Brahmin from Gujarat, is installed as Prime Minister.
  • On 24 March 1977, phony ban on RSS, which had been imposed by Pandit Nehru for show, was lifted. Morarji Desai elected leader of Janata Party.
  • Pandit A.B.Vajpayee appointed External Affairs Ministry. As External Affairs Minister, addresses U.N. Council in Hindi on Nov. 5, 1977. Of course it is totally irrelevant that nobody present understands him, Hindi is an invention of the English and it thus must be promoted at all costs.
  • Charan Singh rules for 1979-1980 as an interregnum.
  • Pandit Desai happily announces to the world that he drinks his own urine as per Ayurvedic scriptures.

Jan. 10, 1980 - Oct. 31, 1984

Later Indira Gandi Era

Fourth Term

  • Army sent to Assam to quell stage-managed `riots' on Jan. 18, 1980.
  • Feb. 17, 1980 President's Rule declared in Tamil Nadu, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa, MP, Rajasthan, Punjab and Gujarat. The aim is to suppress the regional aspirations of the mainly non-Brahmin populations, which pose a direct threat to Brahminist hegemony.
  • April 2, 1980 BJP formed by RSS Brahmins led by Pandit A.B.Vajpayee. Official name is `Bharatiya Janata Party', whilst its actual secret name is `Brahmin Jati Party'. Nobody suspects real intentions.
  • 6 private sector banks nationalised on 15 April, 1980. Once again, the official purpose is `socialism' and `communism', but the ultimate consequence is the nationalisation of the Bania-controlled banks and their engulfment into the colossal Brahmanic bureacracy.
  • 14 Sep. 1980 Maruti nationalised. Officially, `communism', `labour disputes' and `appeasement of our ally the Soviet Union' are the reasons given for the takeover. Secretly, Brahmin bureacrats are put in control of the nationalised company.
  • Dec. 8, 1980 Soviet Premier Leonid Brezhnev visits New Delhi. The Communist-Brahmanist alliance is reaffirmed.
  • Sep. 23, 1983, Supreme Court upholds execution of criminals through `hanging by rope'. This legalises Puranic method of execution.
  • Oct. 19, 1983. Union Government takes over 13 textile undertakings in Bombay.
  • April 5, 1984, Rakesh Sharma is India's first spaceman, launched abord Soyuz T-11 by USSR. The first South Asian in space had to be a Brahman.

Sikh Holocaust

  • Indira Gandhi declares that a whole `300' Sikh militants were demanding a `Khalistan'. International law requires the holding of a plebiscite to determine the question of Sikh self-determination. Not so in Brahmanic India.
  • On June 2, 1984 the Army is sent to Punjab to chase Indira's `300' militants. They remain there up to Sept. 25, 1984, during the so-called Operation Blue Star.
  • Gen. Vaidya, a Brahmin, is Indira's Chief of Army Staff. He oversees most of the butchering and slaughter of innocent Sikhs. All told, more than 250,000 Sikhs were annihilated, mainly under his supervision.
  • On October 31, 1984 General Vaidya is killed by two patriotic Sikh youths.

Oct. 31, 1984 - 1989

The Rajiv Gandhi Era

  • Indira Nehru is assasinated by patriotic Sikhs, her own bodyguards who were aghast at the savage genocide of their own people at the hands of their Brahmin masters.
  • Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated his reign in blood, organising another massive Sikh Genocide in revenge for the slaying of his mother. When confronted with this inhuman act, he justified his heinous act by saying , "When a big tree falls, the Earth shakes."
  • Dec.3, 1984 Bhopal Gas Disaster is organised by a Brahmin employee in order to test India's secret chemical weapons capability - masquerading as Union Carbide. Most of the victims are Dalits and Muslims.
  • Later, Rajiv reportedly started hallucinating that he was an incarnation of Bhagwan Rama. Thus, he desired to invade Sri Lanka like his previous incarnation, and embarked on the massive invasion in 1983. The adventure results in a disaster, with the LTTE fighting against the IPKF (Indian Peace-Keeping Force).
  • In Assam, the Brahmins engineer the mass immigration of millions of Bangladeshis, ostensibly for labour, but really to set up future racial conflicts. The Bangladeshi immigrants offset the Assamese demand for independance as Assamese and Bengalis slaughter one another.
  • V.P.Singh defeats Congress Brahmin rival, Sunil Shastri in Allahabad. First step in the rise of the backward castes begins.
  • Zia Ali Bhutto of Pakistan inaugurated the Islamicization program and refused to bow to the Brahminists. Thus the Brahmin-dominated RAW had him killed.

1989 - 1990

The V.P.Singh Era

  • Anticipating that the diminutive V.P.Singh would be their stooge, the Brahmins permit his installation as Prime Ministers. Thus, he becomes the first non-Brahmin to become PM in India for any considerable length of time. However, he secretly introduces the Mandal reservation system. If implemented, it threatens to destroy Brahmin power forever. Taken aback, the Brahmins start counter-offensive.
  • Countless articles appear in the Brahminist press to inflame the masses, who pour out onto the streets in revolt. Arun Shourie, a Kashmiri Brahmin and editor of The Indian Express, is foremost amongst these writers, pouring vitriol from every single line of his pen.
  • As a result of the Brahminist hysteria, several students self-immolate in an attempt to pressurise the government to withdraw the Mandal commission report. The most famous of these is a Brahmin student, Rajeev Goswami, who attempts self-immolation in broad daylight Surviving, he is later installed as Students' Union Leader of Delhi University by the Brahmins.
  • However, V.P.Singh held his ground. The Brahmin counter-offensive came to late to sabotage the report. Mandal Commission Report recommending job reservations to backward castes is imposed. The biggest blow to Brahmin power in 50 years had been struck.
  • Angered by his success, the Brahminists remove V.P.Singh is from power. Chandrasekhar is installed as Prime Minister.

1991 - 1996

The Narasimha Rao Era

  • Congress(I) emerges victorious by a slight margin in the 1991 parliamentary elections, losing many seats in the Hindi cow-belt of Gosthan, winning many seats in the South. This necessitates the installing of a non-Hindi Prime Minister. Only a Brahmin from these states is acceptable for the Brahminists. Narasimha Rao, a Brahmin from Andhra Pradesh, is made leader of the Congress. He later becomes Prime Minister. The Brahminist press protrays him as a `South Indian Telugu' and thereby pretend to be very liberal. His Brahmin birth is kept a secret.
  • A covert member of the Sangh Parivar, he secretly permits kar sevaks to destroy the history Babri Masjid in Ayodhya, the holiest Muslim shrine in U.P. More than 10,000 innocent Muslims are slaughtered in well-organised pogroms. This event marks the rise of the ultra-Brahminical BJP, which later on wins elections.
  • Arsenic poisoning of Bangladesh started. OBC-dominated areas of Bengal are also poisoned. Thousands die a slow death. Fluoride poisoning is unleashed against Orissa.
  • After this, Dewa Gowda is installed, then I.K.Gujral.
  • Dewe Gowda resigned on April 11, 1997 after `failing to reign in upper-caste Hindu radicals'. He loses vote of confidence.
  • Gujral becomes PM on April 20, 1997.
  • Shankar Dayal Sharma the Brahmin is made President. Totally incompetent and extremely overweight, this meatball-like personage falls from a staircase during an overseas visit.
  • The Surat plague is caused by the leakage of a genetically engineered micro-organism created in a secret Indian Government Biological Warfare facility.

1998 -

The Vajpayid Era

  • The murder toll from abortions now exceeds thirty million; more than all previous wars. Brahmin ritual murder - purushamedha has now reached its zenith.
  • Soviet Union, the staunchest ally and supporter of Brahmanist India, collapses due to economic crises caused by the military defeat in Afghanistan. Islamists, with American and Western support, become powerful in Afghanistan and Persia. They make no bones about their intentions to destroy the Indian Union and restore the Mughal Caliphate. The Brahminists, fearful of these frightening new developments, become paranoid and, along with their Zionist allies, start propaganda campaign against the Pan-Islamists.
  • A. Ghosh, a Kayastha and hence a half-Brahmin, starts a book publishing company, falsely alleging that Feroze Gandhy was a Muslim and not a Zoroastrian Brahmin. He also publishes several books white-washing all Brahmin crimes of previous centuries. Thus, Pandit Nehru the fanatic Brahmin is portrayed as a Muslim, whilst it is falsely claimed that Rajiv Gandhi was converted to Christianity by Sonia Gandhi when it was in fact the other way around: Sonia Gandhi was converted to Brahminism after her marriage.
  • Madhuri Dixit, a Brahmin from Maharashtra, becomes greatest female actress in the cesspool of the Hind-Sanskrit film industry. Despite prancing about on the silver screen in skimpy dresses, acting as a vamp in many movies, and otherwise encouraging sexual promiscuity amongst Indian women, she herself decides to have a convervative marriage to a fellow Brahmin - Mr. Nene.
  • Brahmin writer Arun Shourie writes a hateful tirade against the Dalit father of the Indian constitution - Dr. B.R.Ambedkar the Great.
  • The clamour for `centralisation' gets louder, with Brahmin writers giving various reasons for the necessity of vesting yet more power in the near-tyrannical Central Government. This is merely a mask for their designs, for the Brahmin minority can only rule over the masses if power is centralised into their hands. Decentralisation of power would lead to power slipping into the hands of the masses.
  • Subsequently, Brahminist computer engineers, who form one-third of the American computer industry's workforce - engineered the Y2K hoax - which earned them and their Zionist computer companies billions of dollars.
  • BJP won elections ending March 7, 1998. Took power on March 19, 1998. May 12, 1998 tested Pokharan.
  • On Wed before Oct. 13, 1999 Vajpayee sworn in as new PM

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