The Bible of

Aryan Invasions
1500 BC - 1000 AD

by Prof. Uthaya Naidu

Bible of Aryan Invasions

Aryan Invasions & Genocide of Negroes, Semites & Mongols

by Prof. Uthaya Naidu

Volume I : Introduction

Volume II : Early Vedic Aryan Invasions (1500 BC - 700 BC)

Volume III : Later Vedic Aryan Invasions (1500 BC - 700 BC)

Volume IV : Sutric Aryan Invasions (600 BC - 200 AD)

Volume V : Puranic Aryan Invasions

Volume VI : Islamic Caliphate of Mughalstan

Volume VII : Anglo-Brahmin & Later Aryan Invasions

Volume VIII : The Legacy of Aryan Invasions

Volume IX : References

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