In memory of the late
Periyar E. V. Ramasami and Dr. B. Ambedkar

Hadwa Dom

Based on the Original Indian Patriots Council Edition
by Dr. Chatterjee

This book is not meant for decorating your bookshelf, but for circulation amongst others as fast as you can so that we can save our MOTHERLAND!

Published by
Dalitstan Journal

Table of Contents
Section I Introduction
Section 2 Who are the Brahmins ?
Section 3 The Hindu Religion Exposed
Section 4 Pornography in Ramayana
Section 5 Hinduism's `Holy Books'
Section 6 Women in Hinduism
Section 7 Is Hinduism a Religion ?
References References

`Oh You Hindu Awake' by Dr. Chatterjee was originally published by Indian Patriots Council, in Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Comemoration Issue, April 1993, free from any copyright. This substantially improved edition was written by Hadwa Dom for Dalitstan Journal, Volume 1, 1999 Issue 1 (August 1999), and like the original, is published free from any copyright. It has thence been archived in the Ambedkar Library.

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