The Anti-Sanskrit Scripture

by Shyam Rao


Chapter 1. Dead Sanskrit was Always Dead

Chapter 2. Defects of Sanskrit Vocabulary

Chapter 3. The Grotesque Grammar of Sanskrit

Chapter 4. Devanagari and Its Defects

Chapter 5. Sanskrit Literature and Its Drawbacks

Chapter 6. What Famous People have said about Sanskrit


The `Anti-Sanskrit Scripture' by Shyam Rao was published by Sudrastan Books, Jabalpur, 1999 free from any Copyright. It was thence reprinted in Dalitstan Journal, Volume 1, Issue 2 (Oct. 1999) and has been archived in the Ambedkar Library. It is available for free public distribution as per the Ambedkar Library Public Licence: You may freely distribute this work, as long as you do not make money from it and clearly state the internet location of Ambedkar Library,, where you obtained it.

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