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Ambedkar Library provides free online books related to Dalitutva, and reviews of world-famous books published worlwide. These books belong in the household of every Sudroid Negro (Dalit and Dravidian).

Latest Book

The Destruction of Indian Civilizations
by Dr. Santosh Tudu

Dalit History

Bible of Aryan Invasions
by Prof. Uthaya Naidu

Brahmin Gold
by Prof. Shankar Nadar

Decline and Fall of Buddhism
by Dr. K. Jamanadas

Slavery in the British Empire
by Mahatma Phule

`Patana' by L.K.Malavi
transl. by Dr. K. Jamanadas

Sudroid (Indo-Negroid) Race
by Hari Rao

Tirupati Balaji was a Buddhist Shrine
by Dr. K. Jamanadas

Brahmin Jokebook
by Mukesh Paswan

by Pandit Manu the Brahmin

ABVP Constitution for India
by Anil Chawla

Hinduism a.k.a. Brahmanism

Genocide of Women in Hinduism
by Sita Agarwal

Myth of One Hindu Religion Exploded
by Hadwa Dom

Anti-Sanskrit Scripture
by Shyam Rao

"Mahatma" Gandhi Uhnveiled
transl. by Naresh Majhi

The Menace of Hindu Imperialism
by Swami Dharma Theertha

Hindutva or Brahmanutva

What is this Hindu Rashtra ?
by Sitaram Yechuri

ABVP Constitution for India
by Anil Chawla

The Hindutva Offensive
by R. R. Puniyani

Collapse of the Brahminist Empire
by Khshatrapa Gandasa

O Ye Hindu, Awake !
by H. Dom

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